In 1991’s Addams Family, some devious individuals attempted to deceive the Addams Family by presenting them with what they thought was a fake Uncle Fester. The deception was so good that Gomez was fully sold, until he noticed one tiny detail that let him know something was wrong. How do we find the small details that distinguish good doctrine and false doctrine? Join us as Celeste talks about that.

Written Devotional

In the 1991 Addams family, we see that Uncle Fester has been missing for several years. Through a series of events, a group of people decided to trick the Addams out of their money by making them believe that one of them was Fester. Of course, the Addams had their suspicions, but ultimately it was a small thing that led them to think that something was amiss with Fester. 

Today on Geek Devotions, we’re talking about how knowing God will help us to determine when someone is trying to fool us. 

As we said in the intro, it was a small thing that led Gomez to realize he was being fooled. Fester asked for help with a Chinese finger trap. It turns out that particular finger trap had been a party gift from his 10th birthday party.  Something that he had long since figured out how to get out of. This slight slip in the facade let Gomez and Morticia know that things were not right. 

As Christians, it is super important to be aware of what the Bible says and not take things at face value. We need to study the word and pray to be sure that what we are hearing is accurate. 2nd Timothy 2:15 says this 

“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.” ESV

2nd Timothy 2:15

There are a lot of people out there that are preaching what they think is scriptural and right. Still, either through intentional or unintentional things, they are misleading people about the things of God. If we have not studied for ourselves, read for ourselves, and taken responsibility for our faith and salvation (Philippians 2:12), then we risk being misled.

Dallas and I have said this before, do not take our word on the word as gospel. Study it out for yourself, and you might agree with us. We work hard to ensure that what we present via Geek Devotions is scriptural and accurate. But the reality is that Dallas and I are humans, and we may mess up. The preacher you listen to, the teacher who is your favorite might have it wrong about something from time to time. And that can be something trivial that is non-salvific, or it could be pretty significant, but you have a responsibility for yourself to make sure that what you are taking in is of God.