An Encouragement for Christian Geeks | Netflix’s Wednesday Devotional

This week on Geek Devotions, Celeste takes at something interesting that was said in Netflix's Wednesday. One particular character discusses the awkward place they are in trying to fit into two different worlds. This conversation really struck a chord in Celeste as it highlights the struggle some Christian Geeks deal with.

How Do Handle Fear | 2019’s Addams Family Devotional

In 2019's Addams Family, we see Morticia Addams dealing with something unexpected... Fear. That's right, Morticia Addams, the woman who lives in a world of fright, deals with some real fears in this film. So what can we learn from her experience? How do we deal with fear? Join us as Celeste talks us through this question.

Can you be a Christian and NOT go to church? | Addams Family Reunion Devotional

This week we are taking look at 1998's Addams Family Reunion. Amid this movie Gomez Addams gave a fantastic speech about how Addams are a family and meant to be together. This speech is actually an excellent jumping off point to discuss a common question, "Can you be a Christian and not go to church?"

How to Avoid Bad Theology | 1991’s Addams Family Devotional

In 1991's Addams Family, some devious individuals attempted to deceive the Addams Family by presenting them with what they thought was a fake Uncle Fester. The deception was so good that Gomez was fully sold, until he noticed one tiny detail that let him know something was wrong. How do we find the small details that distinguish good doctrine and false doctrine? Join us as Celeste talks about that.