Celeste Mora

If you read my previous article about my initial reaction to the DLC’s that have taken the cozy gaming world by storm or if you were there on our Twitch channel as I did a blind playthrough, then some of this list should not be a surprise to you. But these new DLC’s have me wanting to go to my island more than I probably should. So without much more ado, here are my top five favorite new things.

5. Kappin

Kappin now docks at the pier to the side of the island and offers boat rides and sea shanties to take you to islands that have things you may need but can not get from your island. The addition of another place for me to go and get more rocks, wood, or fruit is fantastic as it is, but the sea shanties about boats made from cucumbers make it for me. Of course, not all are about cucumbers made from boats; that one is just my favorite so far. The disadvantage of this particular feature is that Kappin can only take one islander at a time, making it difficult to play with someone else. We tried to have Dallas come with me to an island on stream, and then we were sad.

4. Becoming a Happy Homes Planner

Y’all, if I could get paid to decorate someone’s house for my living, I would; I have in the past played multiple decorating games on mobile, and I am constantly frustrated when I hit the pay-to-play level. I don’t want to give you $5 to get that sweet-looking victorian couch; it goes well in the room. The entire concept of the paid DLC scratches that designing itch without me having to pay-to-play or without me having to spend a bunch of money for my own home; it truly is the best of both worlds for me.

3. The Ordinances

The ability to change how the island works based on your preferences is fantastic for me. Gone are the days of Timmy and Tommy kicking me out of Nooks Cranny because it is closing time or not being able to see the Able Sisters and see what the new swag is that I need for my wardrobe. I have not played on a Sunday yet, but I am truly hoping this helps me catch the Turnip seller because she comes super early normally, and well, we have church on Sundays, and Jesus still wins over ACNH. If he doesn’t, my priorities are out of line, though I am excited to potentially be able to get in on the turnip market. There are other things as well, such as making the islanders weed and help clean up(they’re quite lazy), raising the prices of things on the island so that when you sell things, you get more money, and then, of course, making things happen earlier in the day for those of you who game in the morning. Overall it helps customize the game to your liking, and that is at the end of the day what it’s about; you like it.

2. The story going on the Happy Homes Island

The Happy Homes Paradise DLC could have just left the story at you got a job and decorated people’s homes. But Nintendo went… Nah, let’s add some local flair to it, and they did. So when you hit a certain point in the game, Lottie, the boss at HHP, tells you that there are buildings on the island that were originally meant for other things, and you get to decorate and set up a school. This is a lot of fun in that you have to think now what a schoolroom should look like, as well as now you have the ability to go to classes and learn things such as hybrid plants being available. Leif gives a fascinating discussion, you guys, and as a result, I now can plant flowers near each other, and they will propagate new flowers.

1. Brewster

My favorite thing out of both DLC’s is this. Brewster’s cafe. I had the opportunity to open up my island and let some friends from the Devoted Geek Community come and play on Maru. We all went to Brewster’s cafe and were able to type chat and drink coffee made for us by Brewster. If you have been around Geek Devotions for any time at all, you know that we absolutely love the community, and we strive to have a community in a place that is kind, caring, and loving. This addition to the game means that we are now able to do this in the virtual realm of animal crossing. It sounds silly, but that is my favorite.

Honorable Mention: Cooking

I could not just keep it to five things because while I adore everything I mentioned, the addition to cooking in the game has added another amazing thing. Honestly, if Nintendo could just let us smell the bread I made the other day in my ACNH kitchen, they would be making even more of the big bucks.

There is my Top 5 from the new DLC’s. What was your favorite of the new content?