October has begun and so has Fangtober! This week Celeste takes a look at the confusion caused by the lack of wisdom found in Dracula Dead and Loving It. Why is wisdom so important? Why do you need wisdom?

Today’s devotion is based on Mel Brooks’ Dracula Dead and Loving it. Which, in true Mel Brooks style, is hysterical. D&LI is a humorous retelling of the original Dracula story, but in it is this scene which, while funny, is also something we can learn from.

Dracula was trying to get the young lady, Mina, to come out to make her one of his vampire brides. What he didn’t expect was for her to have a maid in there with her. He uses his vampire abilities to put Mina under his thrall and listen to his every word. However, both Mina and her maid were under the same control. Now, generally, a vampire tells you to come out and meet him… You say no. You run. This is wisdom. But Mina and the maid in this scene, which was quite funny because the wrong woman kept standing up, lacked this wisdom.

In our Tuesday Night Bible Studies, we have been going through the book of Proverbs, which is a whole book about godly wisdom, and this last Tuesday, we read in Proverbs 9 that wisdom leads to life, but folly leads to death. We, as Christians, as followers of God, need wisdom; we need to ensure that we are following the ways of the wise biblically and living these out. It’s part of our lives as Christians, so my challenge for this week is this, are you seeking wisdom? Are you reading your word so that it sticks with you even when you are in situations that are potentially not wise?