In the movie I, Frankenstein, Frankenstein’s monster, who takes on the name Adam, finds himself in a war between gargoyles and demons.  The demons believe he is the key to creating life, and with that power, they intend to create an army of human to possess and rule.  The gargoyles are, obviously,  opposed to this plan and see Adam as a threat that needs to be eliminated.  In a conversation between the gargoyle queen and one of her commanders, the commander calls Adam a chaotic creation of man that only causes wanton destruction.  The queen responds and says, “Yes, he was created by man, but God allowed him to live for a purpose.”  By the end of the movie, God gives Adam a soul, making him not just a monstrous creation, but a living, human being. 

The truth is that every one of us are like Adam in that we are all chaotic beings in need of salvation.  All of us need to be saved from the sin that corrupts our hearts.  The Good News is that God, who created us for a purpose, has chosen to save us through the death and resurrection of his son, Jesus Christ.  Ephesians 2:4-5 says, “But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which He loved us, even when we were dead in our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ—by grace you have been saved–.”  Paul is reminding the people in the church of Ephesus, and by extension us, that we were all sinners before God saved us.  We were murderers, liars, adulterers, thieves, and slanderers.  None of that, however, mattered to God.  His great love for us led Him to save us through His Son Jesus, who died on the cross for our sins and rose again on the third day.  No matter how far we think we’ve gone, no matter how evil we think we are, no matter how chaotic and pointless anyone judges us to be—there is always hope, because God’s love is great enough to overcome all of it. 

If you’re reading this and you are not a Christian, in that you don’t know Jesus Christ as your savior, first of all, we at Geek Devotions love you.  We also want you to know that it is not too late.  No matter what you have done, no matter what you have lived through, Jesus Christ can and will save you from it all.  Just like Adam in I, Frankenstein, God has created you with a purpose, and at just the right time, God has salvation for you through Jesus Christ.  You need only to call on Him. 

No one is expecting you to live a perfect life.  Becoming a Christian doesn’t mean that you automatically stop doing all the things that you wished you didn’t do.  here are wounds deep inside your mind and spirit that you are having to work through and find healing for.  These are things that cannot be fixed overnight.  But becoming a Christian does mean that you point yourself in the right direction, and day by day, you become more and more who God created you to be—a son or daughter of God.

For those of you reading this who are Christians, remember what Paul said to the Ephesians.  We used to be chaotic.  We used to be evil people doing evil things, and God saved us from that.  We can celebrate that God has done this in us, but we should never forget that this had nothing to do with us or our goodness.  It had everything to do with God’s grace.  That’s good news for us, in that we can rely on God’s strength to mold us into better followers of Christ.  It also means that we should not look down on those who have not yet decided to follow Christ.  But for the grace of God, we would be just like them, and we should have compassion and love in our hearts for them, lovingly leading them the same Savior that rescued us.