WandaVision has finally come to Disney+ and it is… Strange. What is happening to Wanda and Vision? It would appear they are locked into some sort of fantasy world… and something keeps trying to break Wanda free from it. Many people so focused on life situations and circumstances, but the specific part they are consumed by is the fear, the doubt, and the anxiety. How do you help them? How do we change their focus?

Today we are talking about how to help people who are completely lost in a moment/situation of life. But what has inspired this episode is the Disney+ original series, WandaVision. Wanda is a mutant (though not called that in the MCU) whose abilities include completely changing the reality around her. The series seems to be taking a lot of cue from the Marvel Comics story arc, The House of M, where Wanda does just that. She changes reality all around her to create a perfect world where Vision and she are happy and have had children. This alternate reality was created from a place of grief and pain.

Looking back at WandaVision, it’s pretty safe to say that the MCU has created a similar story for Wanda. In WandaVision, however, she seems to be living in a series of sitcom family show. Wanda and Vision are absolutely absorbed in this fantasy world. Even when something seems to shake this reality, Wanda goes out of her way to change things back to what she’s wanting to focus on. In each episode these small moments happen, suggesting that someone is trying to pull her attention away from the fantasy and helping her to see the bigger picture.

There’s a lot of things happening in our world today. There’s merit to paying attention to what’s happening around us, but some have allowed fear, anxiety, and doubt to consume them.  Perhaps you have found yourself glued to the news feeds, lost in a sea of fear and anxiety as you ponder how the things around you will affect you and others. Don’t be ashamed of yourself if you have found yourself in this place; it happens to all of us. So how do we help others and ourselves?

In Acts 3:1-10 we see a story about a man who is lost in a situation. He is lame and has spent years begging in the streets hoping someone will give him money to buy food and other things he may need. This is a real-life situation that he’s lived his entire life. It’s understandable to be focused on what has seemingly become a new normal. But In these verses we see something happen. Two disciples of Jesus walk up to this man, pull his attention away from his situation, and then bring healing as they point him back to Christ.

So here’s our question for you, have you done this for anyone lately? Have you taken a moment to help distract someone from a moment they are dwelling on and point them back to Christ? The more than we as individuals step out and do this, a lot of the issues of life will begin to work their way out as people look unto Jesus. This could be done in simple individual moments. Call a friend and check up on them. Have breakfast with someone. Stop for a moment and encourage those around you