Big thanks to Michael for all the research

Today on Geek Devotions were talking about Star Trek The Next Generation, specifically an episode called I, Borg. In it, we meet a member of the Borg who has been abandoned by the Borg because he was injured and Dr.Crusher takes him on board the enterprise to heal him. Throughout his stay, he realizes that not everyone wants to be assimilated and that assimilating someone who doesn’t want to be is wrong. He begins to form a sense of Identity, of individuality, and realizes the things the Borg had taught him were incorrect and potentially dangerous. The plan had been to infect Hugh, the name he picked for himself, with a virus to possibly wipe out all Borg as a whole it is decided that this would be morally wrong due to the facts of; A. Genocide and B. Hugh is not some mindless animal. He can think by himself and for himself. You see Hugh decides to go back to the Borg and try to change it from within. He retains his individuality and reconnects with the Borg. The results are more catastrophic to the Borg way of life that anyone could have anticipated. He changes things by being in a culture but not partaking in everything of the culture.

As Christians, who are also geeks we are in a similar situation. We know the ways of righteousness, we know Jesus loves us. We know He loves everyone else and longs for them to choose salvation through Him. We also speak the language of geek. We know who the Borg are, who Kakarot is, we know what it means to be a Weeb, or a Brown-coat or a Trekkie/Trekker. And as a result, we have the potential to do something on a catastrophic level in the geek culture. We get to show them Jesus, who he really is, and how much he really loves us and them.

In Matthew 5:16 it says…

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.
Matthew 5:16 ESV

We say it all the time here at Geek Devotions…

Just a couple of devoted Geeks devoted to letting people know they are loved.

Well devoted Geeks, are you ready to take up that challenge? Are you ready to take up the challenge to let your light shine amid your geekdoms? Maybe you’ve already taken up that challenge, maybe your rocking it out sharing God’s love like our friends over at GodSquad church or even Nerd Chapel. This is my challenge to you who are already letting your light shine. Are you reaching out to other believers that are in the geeky realm? Reaching out to people and letting them know that Jesus loves them is literally our mission here at Geek Devotions but if we don’t make an effort to connect with you personally, stop a stream or a live video, or our day to pray for you, or get you a contact in your area who you can connect with… Then how will you know that when we say Jesus loves you and we do as well that it means something?

Question of the week:

Which star trek series is your favorite?