The latest devotional from Nathan Marchand and Eric Anderson has released, and it is full of geekiness and godliness. The chapters in the form of daily devotions are numbered from 1-42, and they cover everything from Justice league, Cain and Abel, to the passing of Stan Lee. We here at Geek devotions love to see the things in Geek culture that will point you back to God and Eric and Nathan do an excellent job of doing just that.

The New 42 God Terra-forms All Things DevotionalThe Aesthetics

We had done a live video talking about this book when we received it, and we spoke to the quality of the paper, the artwork, etc. What we did not realize is that parts of the cover art paid homage to the original book by Mr. Marchand and Mr. Anderson. The colors are bright and cheery as well as being a book that feels well made. I carried this book with me for a few weeks as I read through the devotions in my backpack and I can say its lightweight structure is optimal for those on the go needing to take in a bit of encouragement with you as you go.

Once inside the book, you find clean, crisp print, that provides clarity to what is happening inside the book. My only critique of the set up on the inside is I would have loved to have seen a table of contents to be able to read the titles of all the devotions. Not that I am the type to skip ahead, but I do enjoy knowing what I’m getting into when I pick up a book. Also, as someone who struggles with a learning disability that affects reading the font and spacing of the writing was a pleasure to read through.

53330586_1205125182998454_9064665560679186432_nThe Content

The first devotion lays the ground floor for the rest of the book and talks about Star Trek, terraforming, and how God can terraform our hearts if we allow it. The voice behind this devotion is Mr. Eric Andersons, and it comes through well. Eric writes as if he is speaking to you and holding a conversation.  This first devotions also serves as an intro to the book as a whole, letting you know the format of the future devotions, and how the authors envision you using it.  Everything is clear cut and easy to use.

The second devotion by Mr. Nathan Marchand speaks on Flashpoint, the DC Rebirth, and the fact that life works in cycles and through it all Jesus is with you. Nathan also has a writing style that is like speaking to an old friend. The user-friendly language that is easily understandable even by the newest of Christians is throughout this whole book. The daily challenges are challenging, to the point, and encouraging you to go deeper into the thoughts presented for the day.  I highly recommend if you pick this book up, that it be your only devotion for 42 days because the meat that is presented is enough to keep your mind “chewing” for quite a while.

Final Rating

Overall, I found the book to be enjoyable while making me think about things that I would not typically have thought about. This book points you back to go at every turn, using the content and themes of geek culture as the medium to get you from point A to point B.  I personally believe it would make a fantastic gift for anyone interested in geek culture and scriptures, but especially someone new to the faith. The format encourages more profound responsibility on the reader to dig deeper into these truths, which is something that everyone can benefit from.

We here at Geek Devotions give this devotional a 4 out of 5.

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