This week on Geek Devotions, Celeste and Dallas continue to “Off Beat Superhero Month” with Amazon’s The Tick! This offbeat hero show features an offbeat, sidekick who at one point in the series is seriously doubting if he should continue. Often we find ourselves in a similar situation. No, not hanging out with a 6-foot blue man who is trying to get us to fight crime, but you can find yourself in a position where you’re doubting your calling. So how do we navigate that? Check out this episode and find out!

In the first season of the Amazon Prime “The Tick,” the Tick’s sidekick, Arthur finds himself in a bad place. He is a man on an important mission. A mission that if he succeeds could change the world. But unfortunately, due to all the pain and fear that comes with a life of fighting crime, he’s ready to quit. Fortunately him though, The Tick wasn’t having any of this. The Tick was there to remind him of his mission, remind him of his calling, remind him that destiny has called him to greatness.

In your life, you may come to a point where you’re ready to give up on the calling that God has for you. He has called you to a great mission, to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people around you. But sometimes that mission gets very difficult due to life situations. These can be dark times for the disciple. But when these dark times come; it becomes essential for the disciple to have their own “Tick.”

May the God of endurance and encouragement grant you to live in such harmony with one another, in accord with Christ Jesus, that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Romans 15:5-6

Our God is a god of endurance and encouragement and often He works through those we surround ourselves with. We need brothers and sisters in the faith to encourage us when we are ready to give up. We need them to pick us up when we are down and restore us. Not just to shove us back into ministry but to help restore our identities as sons and daughter of God.

We want to encourage you to take stock of who is in your life. Do you have fellow believers who encourage you in your faith? If not, you need to reach out and begin to develop a relationship with others!