Why you shouldn’t give up on your dreams | Black Clover Devotional

In Episode 93 of the anime, Black Clover, we see King Julius Novachrono die defending his dream to see all people coming together. Yet even as he passed away he realized that portions of his dream were starting to come together. Why shouldn't we give up on our dreams? Join us as Celeste walks us through this question.

Why You Shouldn’t Give Up! – The Tick Devotional

This week on Geek Devotions, Celeste and Dallas continue to "Off Beat Superhero Month" with Amazon's The Tick! This offbeat hero show features an offbeat, sidekick who at one point in the series is seriously doubting if he should continue. Often we find ourselves in a similar situation. No, not hanging out with a 6-foot blue man who is trying to get us to fight crime, but you can find yourself in a position where you're doubting your calling. So how do we navigate that? Check out this episode and find out!

The Matrix Reloaded – Fight the Programming, Seeking Purpose

On This week's Episode of Geek Devotions Celeste take s a look at a scene in the Matrix Reloaded! Agent Smith is on the hunt to remove everyone's purpose! But can he do it? Similarly what about your purpose? What is it? Will you allow the enemy to take it away? Check out the episode … Continue reading The Matrix Reloaded – Fight the Programming, Seeking Purpose