This week on Geek Devotions, Celeste takes a look at Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego and points out an interesting truth. Your environment doesn’t dictate who you become. How so? Check out this episode and find out!

This week we are going to be talking about the new Netflix Carmen Sandiego. The premise of the show is that Carmen was raised by VILE, (an evil organization) and trained as a small child to be a thief. Through a series of events, she realizes that this organization is not good and decided to work against it actively.

She chose her path once she realized what was going on behind the scenes of VILE.  She decided to be a good person and use her skills to help others, so now she steals from VILE, and returns art where it belongs, and takes money from VILE and gives it to various charities.

We see a very similar story in Exodus with Moses. Moses was raised amidst the Egyptians, and not just amidst them but part of the royal family. Moses was not Egyptian though. He was part of the tribes of Israel. Part of God’s people. Moses would go on to do great and marvelous things for God.

Sometimes we can think that where we were born, who raised us, or even our families’ financial situation means that there are things we can’t do. “I can’t be used for God’s kingdom; I have these things going on in my life.” Devoted Geeks that is not the case! You can take the worst possible environment and still give God glory, still be used for His kingdom and to bring Him praise! You can still do great and marvelous things for God. No matter the circumstance or environment God wants to, can and will use you. Most importantly, He loves you and wants you to love Him as well.

The question of the Week:

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?


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