Comm Talk is back and for the next few months, it’s gonna be Super! Join us as we take a journey checking out the different renditions of Superman! Today we look at the Superman Serials from 1948!


0:39 Return from Retro Rewind Podcast. Find out more about our adventures with the crew of the RRP and the hunt for their missing Captain along with our conversation about the 1978 Superman; visit:

2:45 The future missions of CommTalk explained

3:48 Story Line of 1948 Superman

16:18 How are Superman (Clark Kent) and Lois portrayed in this series? Do we like them?

27:49 – Commercial Break – Learn more about our friends, Victims and Villains at

28:40 How are the visual of the 1948 Superman?

33:24 Final thoughts…. is this a good Superman series worth watching?

39:10 Announcements



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