Superman Year One | Is it Worth it?

Several stories have been announced to launch DC Black Label, but one that caught our attention was Superman Year One by Frank Miller. Frank is no stranger to controversial, dark stories, that draw readers in and challenge the way they see a character. He did a great job with Batman year one which essentially redefined how people see the origins of the Dark Knight. However, the question becomes, does he do justice to the Man of Steel?

CommTalk 054: Superman Serial 1948… Is it Worth It?

Comm Talk is back and for the next few months, it's gonna be Super! Join us as we take a journey checking out the different renditions of Superman! Today we look at the Superman Serials from 1948!   TimeStamps 0:39 Return from Retro Rewind Podcast. Find out more about our adventures with the crew of … Continue reading CommTalk 054: Superman Serial 1948… Is it Worth It?

Comm Talk 003: Themes and Music of Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 with Special Guest Scott Ethridge

This week, Dallas and special guest Scott Ethridge, Talk about some really interesting themes found in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and the interesting song choices. Send Scott your thoughts via twitter @ScottEthridge We also take a moment to congratulate our Devoted Geek of the Week!