For this week’s Extra Tuesday, we decided to do a Morning Geek Commute! The Theme of this week’s MGC; support! We talk about some new ways for you Devoted Geeks to be able to support what we do here at Geek Devotions, and we discuss if we should support Deadpool.

In case you missed the announcement, Fox is releasing a PG-13 cut of the very R rated Deadpool 2 in theatres for Christmas.   What’s interesting is Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds tweeted out the following image featuring him and Fred Savage emulating the classic scene from The Princess Bride.

Some have theorised that the film will end with Deadpool closing the book and suggesting that the first two films were just a story.  Will a PG-13 movie work? Is this the testing ground for bringing Deadpool into the more family-friendly MCU? We’d love to know your thoughts on this subject in the comments below.

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