This week, a couple of our Devoted Patreon Geeks (Cody McGurk of Luphonix – Francisco of Retro Rewind Podcast – Jonathan Gilbert) join us to discuss our favourite Dystopian worlds.

6:30 – Our thoughts on Dredd
13:55 – Our thoughts on Terminator
23:20 – Our thoughts on Firefly
30:33 – Our thoughts on Appleseed

Commercial Break

Spiritual Speculations
39:10 – Fahrenhite 451 – Censorship and the dangers of taking scripture out of context
44:09 – Terminator – The condition of man prior to salvation and the end result of a society that does not turn Jesus
49:31 – Dredd –  What is Hell like?
54:42 – Firefly – How to live a Christian life while living in a fallen and sinful world.
1:04:18 -Appleseed – the Political responsibility of a Christian.

During this episode, Francisco recommended Common Sense Media as a resource for looking up the type of content movies have:

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