First off let me (Celeste) handle some things on the front end of this article before we get into the meat of the review. I am an avid bookworm (I prefer to think of myself as more of a book dragon, but that’s a different subject). Because of a mixture of being responsible with our finances and being so busy that the library is not a place we get over too often, I had forgotten about how amazing holding a book in my hands can be.

Do not get me wrong, I love e-books; I love the availability they afford me to read as much as I want as well as pretty much anything I want for either free or cheap. But there is just some sort of magic about holding the print in your hands, smelling the pleasant aroma of fresh ink, new paper, and the printing press.To those of you who either are not bookworms(dragons) or who … dislike to read (GASP), there is another side of things that needs to be explained.

When people who love books read a book that was well written, the world fades. All that we see is the pictures that are being painted in our minds, the words are no longer there. The only things we hear are the sounds on the pages, accompanied by the sights, smells, and feelings, all being described as we take in these words that craft together a beautiful picture of people we will never meet but know as well as ourselves. For me, this is the mark of a good if the not great book. The ability to allow me to be sucked in, and not think about Celeste, but think about the story, is so lovely.

My History With This Series

Victoria Aveyard has succeeded in writing a great book, with a story that draws you in. From the moment that I picked up Red Queen (Book one), I was brought into the world, where Reds were oppressed, and Silvers had powers. Ms Aveyard creates a world and those in it so beautifully that you are just waiting for Mare to come up to you and take a seat at the local coffee shop.

Red Queen Series

The first book goes quickly from being same ole same ole dystopian fiction to a story that leaves you wanting more of this story because surely this is not the end.

The second book leaves you screaming at the pages begging maven to not hurt our girl while rooting for cal, or anyone really to come and save the day.

The third book’s ending feels like a punch to the stomach by an angry eleven years old (I work in the medical field… this is a real thing). Like for real guys, I stared at the last page… the previous few words stunned and not sure if I needed to cry, or scream. Mostly I just sat there with poor Dallas wondering what was going on (Shout out to all the bookworm’s Husbands, Y’all are the real MVPs).

Finally… War Storm

War Storm Cover

The fourth and final instalment in this series picks up exactly where you need it to. From roughly 10 minutes after your world was shaken.

I was impressed by the fact that while this book is large; quite a bit was crammed into the pages. By just over halfway through the book, we find a resolution to some of the political things happening in the world of Norta that leaves wondering (once you have surfaced for air and food from the book) “what is left?” What was left was what most books ignore when there is a war or a rebellion. The after effects… a kingdom in shambles waiting for someone to unite it, the tiresome need for regulations to be put in place, peoples alliance’s to be won etc.

Now you may be going, “So only the front half of the book is interesting?” Well, friend, you would be wrong. The depth in which we get a resolution of the characters is fantastic, and that is all I will say for fear of spoilers. The end of this book, after 3 books leaving me feeling the need for more and a little hurt and unsettled for my characters, was peaceful. There is a promise of a relationship for our couple. A commitment with the understanding that they must focus on themselves before they can be together, no happily ever after, there is still a lot of work left to be completed in the relationship and in the world. But there is something that the other books lack at the end. Hope. Our characters have hope for a better tomorrow in their land. And we have faith that things turn out exactly as we want them.

Final Thoughts

One last thing before I let you go, dear reader. I have to mention how glad I was that while there is the promise of hope for our favourite couple, the author points out that both need to figure out who they are by themselves. In today’s society things generally, go one of two ways. Either they are separated and have decided they do not need each other, or they ride off into the sunset and bake bread with their kids the rest of their lives. These endings are not bad, but it was quite refreshing to see someone make the point that having a man/woman is not the end goal. Being who you are is, and as Christians, being who God called you to be is your primary goal and having a healthy relationship that is not co-dependent is not a bad thing. It is a thing that is meant to bring glory to God. If you have not found someone who is the Cal to your Mare, that’s ok! Work on yourself with God so that when and if the time is right you are already doing what needs to be done.