This week on our podcast, Comm Talk by Geek Devotions, we are talking about Star Wars. We are specifically asking the question, “Why do people like Star Wars? On the second half of the podcast we do a little man on the street discussion about Star Wars and we give the results from our caption contest.

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0:50 Intro and Announcements

One major announcement for this week is that Colby Bryant of and Vice President of Geeks Under Grace will be taking over our channel for this upcoming Friday’s episode of Geek Devotions!

3:38 What is it about that Star Wars that Celeste and Dallas love?

For both Dallas and Celeste, there’s simply just a lot of love for sci-fi. For Celeste, it’s a great combination of her love for fantasy and Sci-fi while for Dallas it’s a great sci-fi saga with interesting political discord.

6:58 Favorite memories of times we watched Star Wars

For both Dallas and Celeste, our favorite memories involve being with family! Throughout this entire discussion, we’ve discovered that this seems to be a film series that brings families together. Leave a comment below and let us know if that’s the same for you! What’s your favorite memory watching Star Wars?

13:28 Comments on Star Wars from Devoted Geek Life Facebook Group

Devoted Geek Life is the official Facebook group for Geek Devotions! If you’d like to take part in our polls, special Facebook lives, and other fun conversations check it out!

18:08 Commercial Break

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18:57 Man on the Street Conversations about Star Wars

This was a special segment where actually interviewed different people to get their thoughts on Star Wars. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this segment!

25:15 Caption Contents! Congratulations to Josh Burkey and Mike Johngrass

This is something fun that we did on our main Facebook page and our Devoted Geek Life Page. Dallas posted this picture in the group and asked you amazing Devoted Geeks to caption it! Our favorites were from Josh Burkey who said “Kernel is about KENTUCKY Fry you, Ronald!” and then Mike John Grass who said, “This McCrap bout to get real!”

Check out Josh at Victims and Villains Podcast! Also, check out Mike at Message of Hope  Check out the image they captioned below!

37:00 Closer