This week on our podcast, Comm Talk, special guest Bex from Redeemed Otaku Podcast! Check out links to her podcast, her bio,and full show notes below!

Who is Bex from Redeemed Otaku Podcast?

Becky Smith grew up attending church in NW Indiana. God saw fit to save this hypocritical self-righteous teenager at the age of 18, right before heading off to a small Bible College in SW Louisiana where she met her future husband, Tim. A year after obtaining her 4 year degree, they were married and moved back to Indiana where they have lived ever since. They both faithfully attend their local church, donating their time, talents and treasures for the Kingdom.

Always a lover of all things animated, Becky fell in love with “Japanimation” as it was called in the late 80’s early 90’s and her passion has only grown as the years pass. In 2015, frustrated at the absence of Christian podcasters discussing anime, she was challenged by her husband to create her own podcast, and Redeemed Otaku was born.

Now she is active in a growing community of Geeky Christians, podcasting and hosting panels at anime cons, and finding new ways to spread the message of the Gospel of Jesus to her fellow otaku. The goal of the podcast is to remind Christians to redeem their love for anime by turning back to the Truth found only in God’s Word.

She enjoys gaming, chocolate donuts, drawing dinosaurs and dragons, reading, her household of cats (who often make regular appearances on the show), and Legos. She hates bees and needles… especially bees. No, she’s not allergic, just scared. Her favorite smell is gun oil and she revels in her Scottish heritage. FREEDOM! When she isn’t working at her day job running a supplement store, she can be found at home with her many cats where her husband must often remind her to get out and socialize more.

Show Notes

1:25 What is it like being an Otaku Girl?
3:17 Recommendation of anime
6:12 Favorite part of being an Otaku
8:18 What Otaku Girl stereo types has Bex ran into, if any, over the years.

14:44 Commercial Break – Social Media Marketing and Training – If you’re in need of help setting up your online presence for your business or ministry please contact Dallas at

15:46 Currently Geeking out over

23:22 What is Redeemed Otaku Podcast and how can people get ahold of Bex?

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