Welcome to the beginning of our series “Women of Geekdom!” All month long we will be celebrating women in Geek Culture! This week Celeste talks about Lady Sif of Thor and how women can be Strong and walk in Dignity!

Question of the Day: Tell us about a woman you respect and admire who walks in Strength and Dignity

**Disclaimer** In this episode, Celeste references the Events of Thor Annual 11. We were not able to get our hands on an actual copy so she had to go off some information from summary website. During the editing process we discovered a few facts that were off about how Lady Sif’s hair was shaved and replaced in the comics. We apologize for any discrepancy.


To All The Ladies

There is a misnomer out there that says woman can not be strong and feminine, or that they can be one and the other and not walk in a dignified manner. The Reality of things is this, Proverbs 31 says that women should be clothed in strength and dignity through Christ. Women, strength and dignity will look different on you than it does on the men, but do not think it less than their strength. Different does not mean not as good or less than.

To All The Gents

Men, this month we are celebrating women, and women of geekdom. But that does not mean that you are being excluded. Our goal with this month for you is you see examples of what godly women hood is and to be proud of the women that you know that exemplify this, and perhaps let them know that you are proud of them.   Also for you to get to know the women of geekdom.

Lady Sif in Thor Annual 11 goes from being very upset about something that, while very important to women, is not the end of the world, to being stronger, and more dignified than she had been. She became more sure of herself and the result was the dignity. Sons and daughters of the King when they are sure of themselves carry themselves with dignity given to them by their creator.


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