Today on Geek Devotions we take on a subject given to us by members of Devoted Geek Life. Today we talk about the 4 steps to take when you want to reading your Bible. We cover from selecting your Bible to what to do while reading said Bible.

Question of the Day: Everyone has a favorite Bible. What’s your favorite Bible?

Steps to Reading your Bible

  1. Get a Bible. We recommend New International Version or New Living Translation for younger readers and even those who are just starting to read your Bible. We personally use New King James, English Standard, and Tree of Life Version.Remember that Bible translations range from Thought for Thought to Word for Word translation. The quick guide chart below is not comprehensive but gives you an idea of where some of the more common ones fall.

    quick guide

  2. Pray!
    Praying is super important part of reading your Bible. Remember that this is the actual word of God. Ask Holy Spirit to help illuminate the scriptures to you. Let him speak to you through the scriptures.
  3. Open your Bible and READ IT.If you’re new to read the Bible we recommend that you read the Book of John as it gives you a good look at the heart of Jesus. The book of Acts is the beginning of the church. The Book of James is a great book for practical sound advise. Also check out the book of Psalms and Proverbs!
  4. Read the Bible in Context!  When you read it ask two questions
    “What did this passage mean to the original readers?”
    “How does this passage apply to my life? How can I walk it out in a very practical way?”


  1. Don’t feel like you have to read an entire chapter or book at one time. Maybe only read a few verses and really mediate on them. 3 verses can easily have more impact than an entire chapter.
  2. Don’t feel like you have to go at things alone. If you have questions ask someone for help. Ask your Pastor, a small group leader, or if you like you can message us!


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