This week on Comm Talk Dallas and special guest Ben Avery (Comic book writer and Host of Strangers and Aliens) talk about Star Trek Generations! What did we like? What did we not like? What were some deeper things we saw in the film? Why does Ben believe it is a Christmas movie?! These questions and much more answered soon!

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Show Notes:
2:25 Who is Ben Avery and what is Strangers and Aliens

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Strangers and Aliens Website:
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9:02 Connections – What are some of your earliest connections with Star Trek Franchise and specifically Star Trek Generations

17:55 What did we like about the movie?

33:33 What did we not like about the movie?

49:35 Commercial Break –

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50:35 More about the team behind Strangers and Aliens

54:09 Deeper Meanings – What spiritual connections or applications do we see in this film?

1:24:15 Is it really a Christmas Movie? Why or why not? (Ben this will be a great time for you to promote your list on your website)

1:39:06 Final Words from Ben to the Devoted Geek Community

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