Today on Extra Tuesday, Dallas and Celeste give an update on Iron Geek Chef and they talk about what’s coming up in December for Geek Devotions!

How to Enter Iron Geek Chef:
Must be member of Devoted Geek Life community page on Facebook. Easiest way to do that is go to click on groups and then click on Devoted Geek Life.

If under the age of 18 must have parent’s permission. Please have your parent message Dallas and Celeste Directly giving permission.

Must upload video of yourself presenting your creation and others tasting it along with their thoughts on the dish to the Devoted Geek Life page.

Entries must be uploaded by Wednesday, November 29th, 2017 by 12pm CST. Top two winners will be announced on our YouTube Channel Friday, December 1st 2017 at 4pm CST.

Top two entries will be put into a One on One competition on our main Facebook Page the next Day. Whoever gets the most votes will be crowned winner on Tuesday, December 5th.

May enlist help of others but you must be the Head Chef. Head chef makes all calls and decisions.

You may add other ingredients but secret ingredient must clearly be in the dish, not used as a simple garnish that can be pushed to the side.

Final product cannot be something you simply purchased from the store or a restaurant and you present as your own.

Must be safe.

Secret Ingredient – Thanksgiving Dinner Left Overs!

Special Rules:
Simply reheating and presenting the original meal does not count. Example, cannot simply reheat the stuffing and put it in a bowl or reheat a slice of turkey. You must add or mix things together.

Must use leftovers from your actual meal.

Have fun!

Our grading system
10 pts presentation + Bonus 10 pts if presentation is related to geek culture (comics, video games, movies etc.) It must be able to be easily recognized if not easily explained. Cannot be something like (oh they ate a taco in this one movie)

10 pts on people’s response to the taste of your food in video

10 pts if you make us laugh while we watch your video

25 pts creativity in use of secret ingredient