Today on Comm Talk, Dallas and Celeste review the article they wrote for Geeks Under Grace entitled Godzilla: Through Cinema History. You can read the article for yourself at

Below the video player you’ll find our show notes with detailed time stamps for where you can find each section.

2:56 – The Original Godzilla – Gojira 1954 – GUG Article
5:31 – Our Expanded thoughts on Gojira 1954
9:48 – Ferris Bueller Meets Godzilla – Godzilla 1998 – GUG Article
11:53 – Our Expanded Thoughts on Godzilla 1998

19:32 – Social Media Marketing and Training – If you’re in need of help setting up your online presence for your business or ministry please contact Dallas at

20:32 – Second Chance – Godzilla 2014 – GUG Article
22:34 – Our Expanded Thoughts on Godzilla 2014
30:25 – New Godzilla – Shin Godzilla 2016 – GUG Article
32:55 – Our Expanded Thoughts on Shin Godzilla 2016
40:18 – Final Roar – GUG Article

41:37 –Thoughts from our Devoted Geek Life Facebook Group
45:18 – Closing Remarks

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Recently Dallas wrote an article for Geeks Under Grace. His article took a look at bullying through the lens of X-Men. If you are interested in checking out this article click the following link. Be aware that the article does contain links and contact information for people who are in need of help due to severe bullying and also for community organizers to address the issue of bullying.


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