7 Coping Skills to Deal with Depression – by CoffeeTalk318

Hello, again Friends! This past Sunday on Geek Devotions we started talking about Suicide prevention week an and the very real issues going on with mental health across the world. On Sunday I gave 5 tips to start helping you improve mental health. Today let’s talk coping skills! Coping skills are one of the best … Continue reading 7 Coping Skills to Deal with Depression – by CoffeeTalk318

Depression and Suicide are Serious Topics

This week on Geek Devotions, Dallas takes time to talk about a sombre topic, depression and suicide.  Dallas is not a medical professional and doesn't presume to be one, but in this episode, he does offer some words of advice and wisdom.  123 People Die Daily from Suicide. Don't be a statistic. Even if you or someone you know is struggling with suicide, please get help. Reach out. Your life is so valuable.

Jigsaw’s Thoughts On Drinking Water are Interesting – Feat. Josh for Victims and Villains Podcast

Today on Geek Devotions, special guest and Devoted Geek, Josh of Victims and Villains Podcast takes a different take on our King of the Monsters Month as he takes a look at something that Jigsaw of Saw 2 said. What does this crazy mastermind have to say about drinking water and how does it apply to you and I?