Is Kirby and the Forgotten Land Worth Playing?

I have only played two Kirby games. The first one was a demo on my 3ds of "Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn" and one of the original Kirby games, which I played for ten minutes after we first got Nintendo Online. Both games did not impress me other than being vaguely cute. So going into The Forgotten Lands game, I was unsure what to expect. So let's take this journey together of going through the game Kirby and the Forgotten Lands. 

Is Metroid Dread Worth Playing?

Nintendo released the 5th canonical game in the 2D-Side scrolling Metroid series. In this game, Samus is summoned to the planet ZDR to investigate the appearance of a once thought-destroyed enemy. Unfortunately, her investigation leads her to discover a more dreadful threat… but is this game worth playing to find out what that dread is?