How to Survive YouTube Down

Recently YouTube had a major issue, they went down for one entire hour. The question has risen, how do we as creators handle things if YouTube goes dark forever?   1. Back up all of your content. We have a hard drive that contains all of our episodes back to episode one of season one … Continue reading How to Survive YouTube Down

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Geek’d Con 2018

This week for Extra Tuesday we go to Shreveport's Geek'd Con 2018! While there we ask several people one critical question. The ultimate question! No not to life, the universe and everything. We are also very confident that the answer is NOT 42. No, our question is simple.

"If you're hitchhiking across the galaxy, who's the one character that's coming with you?" Find out what the people of Geek'd Con had to say and if you see yourself leave a comment! Don't forget to let us know your answer!!