This week for Extra Tuesday we do a morning Geek Commute where we talk about the upcoming Supergirl Movie for the Worlds of DC (formerly unofficially called DCEU). We also talk about the forthcoming Cyborg movie as well as some other random geeky stuff.


The executives of Warner Brothers have begun the process of putting together a Supergirl movie. It’s unclear as to how connected to the Man of Steel /Batman V Superman universe it will be, but it will carry a similar tone to the WB Supergirl TV show. We also know that the actress will NOT be Melissa Benoist, the current Supergirl on TV.

Question: Who do you want to play Supergirl?

Cyborg Movie

It would appear that there may be another layer to the reasoning why we don’t have a “Snyder-Cut” of Justice League. It would seem that there were several scenes shot for the film that was based around Cyborg. With that in mind, it may be that the execs are holding onto that footage to recycle for a Cyborg Movie.

Question: Do you want a Cyborg Movie or do they need to start fresh?