Welcome, Devoted Geeks, to another exciting episode of Geek Devotions! Today, we’re discussing the top 8 reasons you shouldn’t support us.


Reason #8: Not enough Animated Movies? Check Out The Cel Cast!

At Geek Devotions, we may not focus on animated movies and TV shows, but if that’s your jam, The Cel Cast has got you covered. Hosted by Jacob and Drew, this podcast brings humor and fun to reviews of animated favorites like Tangled and Star Trek: Lower Decks. Dive into laughter at www.thecelcast.podbean.com

Reason #7: Not Enough Top 4 Countdown? Meet The Rushmore Show!

If you’re a fan of the top 4 countdowns, we’re not your go-to, but The Rushmore Show is! Andy and Kirk bring high energy to breaking down their top 4 picks on various topics, from sci-fi films to football players. Get excited with them at www.youtube.com/@therushmoreshow

Reason #6: Not an RPG Podcast? Try Playing Games with Strangers!

While we’re not an actual play RPG podcast, Playing Games with Strangers offers a hysterical, fun-filled, and family-friendly gaming experience. Join some TALENTED voice actors playing Dungeons and Dragons at www.playinggameswithstrangers.com

Reason #5: Not Exclusively Christian Game Streamers?

Meet Souzy! Looking for a Christian Game Streamer? Souzy, a seasoned gamer who’s been playing World of Warcraft for over 17 years, streams professionally on Kick and other platforms. He creates a safe space for gamers to encounter the presence of God while playing their favorite games. Check him out at www.kick.com/souzylive

Reason #4: Not Exclusively Anime? Explore Beneath the Tangles!

While we’re not exclusive to anime, check out Beneath the Tangles if that’s your passion. They bridge the gap between anime fandom and the church with articles, reviews, TikTok videos, and podcasts. Join the community at www.beneaththetangles.com .

Reason #3: Not a Pop Culture Review Website? Discover Geeks Under Grace!

Geeks Under Grace has been a cornerstone for pop culture reviews for years. They have a fantastic team that pumps out content consistently! They cover movies, video games, comic books, and tech. Catch their daily live streams on Twitch and weekly podcasts at www.GeeksUnderGrace.com .

Reason #2: Not Focusing on Retro? Dive into Retro Rewind Podcast!

While we may not focus on retro movies and video games, Retro Rewind Podcast does it brilliantly. Hosted by Paul J. Powers and Francisco, they explore your favorite retro titles in a fun, lighthearted way through podcasts and regular live streams on multiple platforms. Be part of their community at www.RetroRewindPodcast.com .

Reason #1: Different Worldview? That’s Okay!

The number one reason you might not want to support Geek Devotions is if you disagree with our Christian worldview. That’s perfectly fine! We still love and respect you, and we believe there’s a plan and purpose for your life. You’re still welcome to join us in the various communities we’ve created via Facebook, Discord, and our weekly live streams. Why? Because we genuinely love you.

Thank you for joining us today on why you might not support Geek Devotions. Remember to check out the fantastic alternatives we’ve shared, as each of these groups is doing amazing things in their own unique way.

If you do wish to support us, visit our support page. Even if you’re not in a place to help us financially, simply sharing our articles, videos, podcasts, and live streams is a major help.