In the 2023 film, Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes is not only powered by the alien scarab but also by something even more personal… Family. How does the “family of God” strengthen us? Join us as Celeste walks us through this discussion.


In the 2023 film, “Blue Beetle,” we see an emphasis on family. Jaime again and again talks about how his family is his strength. We also see how Jenny does not have that same support system and, as a result, is struggling to make her way through the world without the support of a family. Today on Geek Devotions, we are talking about how we, as the family of God, need to be there for each other. 

Like we said, the Reyes family focused on supporting each other and being there for each other. They took care of each other. Even when they were embarrassing to Jaime, they were some of his biggest fans. We can expound on many things from this movie, but the themes of family and it’s important to remember that as Christians, we are part of the family of God. As part of the family of God, we have responsibilities to each other. To be there for each other and take care of each other.

Jaime knew his family would be there for him, so he was big about being there for his family. You also see the other side of this with Jenny, who did not have the support of a family. This whole month has been talking about imparting things to the younger generations. Part of this is showing them that earthly and spiritual family is essential. 

Not in a cheesy, “The Fast and the Furious” way, but in a we should be able to show them that the family of God will always be there for them. Support them and help them see when they might need to course correct. In Hebrews, we see scriptures talking about a great cloud of witnesses, and then Ephesians says that God’s family is built by his grace. These are essential points to get into the minds and hearts of the next generation and ourselves. Someone recently said that you can’t expect people to live by the “do what I say, not what I do” method. They will see what you are doing louder than they will hear what you are saying. So take these points to heart. Connect with others in the family of God. Be there for each other.