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When I was brought on to the Geek Devotions team as a music writer, I was excited to dig into the world of Christian metal with John, as I understood that to be the focus. It was soon pointed out to me, however, that this segment of GD is open to all sorts of music and that John and I are just metal-obsessed dorks. So, I am going to mix it up a little with something I am sure most, if not all of you, are totally unfamiliar with.

Brideboi’s album, Sum Songz is most certainly that: “some songs.” This descriptive title prepares the listener to hear some songs. What kind of songs, though? These songs are what’s known as Hyperpop. This genre is exactly what it sounds like. Rooted in pop music, hyperpop makes use of exaggerated elements of electronic, hip-hop, and dance music to create a very vibrant and, well, hyper aesthetic. I am sure this will not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re still interested, though, let me share Sum Songz with you.

Cover of Sum Songs by Brideboi
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For those listening to hyperpop for the first time, Sum Songz makes a great introduction to the genre, showcasing the fast-paced, upbeat vibe and energetic, electrified vocal style of the genre. Employing quite a bit of auto tune and other electronic elements, this album might not appeal to those who prefer cleaner, more natural vocals. It is undoubtedly a bit distracting to those who are not used to it. Even so, Brideboi’s voice rings out brightly.

Each song on this album is essentially a worship song. The bright melodies and bouncy beat make for a joyful tone of praise as Brideboi and several featured artists sing about their love for Jesus. References to things like Icarly, videogame controllers, and internet meme sounds mixed into the background present a very playful, fun-loving, and “childlike” faith. This is certainly not your typical style of Christian music, but if you’re looking for something to dance to as you praise the Lord, this is definitely worth checking out.

Each song is only about two minutes long, making for a fast-paced listen to get through the whole album. Depending on how you feel about Hyperpop, you might wish it were longer or shorter. In either case, I’m sure you will feel some sort of way by the end. Though not my typical genre of choice, this is most certainly a vibe.

Overall I give it 4/5 episodes of Icarly. 

Favorite song: Off-Brand Controller