In the Splatoon Turf Wars, it’s vital for everyone to operate as a team, fulfilling different roles to obtain the ultimate objective. Why is it important for us to operate in our own calling and talent? Why do you matter to the whole body of Christ? Join us to find out!

Written Devotion

In Splatoon, you have a mode that’s called “Turf War.” Each team has four randomly selected players to battle each other and attempt to cover the whole Map with your color. Everyone picks their own weapons, and with every weapon comes a different playstyle. Occasionally, you end up with a team of All the Same type of weapon. Now, you would think this would be a good thing, but it can be bad. Why? Because everyone has the exact same playstyle, and there is no one to handle the things that are the downsides of those play styles. Today on Geek Devotions, we are talking about how as Christians, we need to approach things differently from each other. 

As we said in the intro, it’s usually not a great sign when you end up with all rollers or all dualies in a Splatoon match-up. You can make it work, but it’s not the best. We see in scripture that this concept is addressed in 1 Corinthians 12:13-20, it’s a lot of verses, so I’ll sum it up, but I encourage you to go and read the whole chapter. The summation is this, the church is like a body, and if someone who is a nose decides they need to be a hand, then what happens to the sense of smell? A foot decides it wants to be an arm; well, you are lacking in a vital area! 

God created us all unique and with unique mindsets and perspectives. And the body of Christ, the church, needs that. The church needs Geek Devotions, but it also needs the cowboy church, it needs motorcycle ministries, and it needs you and your unique perspectives to step up and be a part. At the same time, the body needs you not to compare yourself with others. If I’m a thumb and someone else is a toe… well, we have very different roles, and as a result, it will look different as to what things are going to look like. 

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