We are called to share our faith with the next generation, but how do we do it? How did the early church do it. This week on Geek Devotions, we are reposting a message Dallas preached for his home church, The Healing Place last week. Join us as he walks us through the book of Acts and discusses how to share our faith with the next generation.

Short Version

We are challenged in the scriptures; the people of God are challenged to:

“Let each generation tell its children all your [God’s] mighty acts; let them proclaim your power…”

Psalm 145:4 (New Living Translation | NLT)

The question becomes, how do we do this in a practical sense? In the above video, I walk us through the book of Acts to see how the early church accomplished this. At the same time, I walk us through some moves of God through history. Through these Biblical and historical examples, we see certain things that when a younger generation is exposed to, a passion is birthed and passed on…

  1. Openly praying for people
  2. Openly sharing their experiences with Jesus
  3. Openly sharing the Gospel
  4. Openly teaching others the ways of God.

There’s a lot more minutia mentioned in the video above, but at the end of the day, our challenge to the Body of Christ is as follows. Suppose you wish to see a genuine revival or awakening in this generation and the next. In that case, we need to be actively praying for individuals, sharing our experiences with Jesus, actively sharing our faith, and actively teaching others what the scriptures say and helping them walk them out.