As we wrap up Tiny but Mighty Month, Celeste takes a look at Cassie Lang in 2023’s “Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania.” In this movie Cassie is having to learn how to take what’s she’s been taught from her father, but do things her way at the same time. This is a challenge every young person must face, but it’s a good one to walk down.

Written Devotional

In the new Antman and Wasp movie, we see Cassie, Scott’s daughter, beginning to come into her own. She has a suit, she is passionate about helping people, and she wants to do what her dad and Hope do. Through a series of events and shenanigans, we see that Cassie is learning how to be her own style of hero. When she shrinks down for the first time and goes to punch someone, she ultimately does not punch hard enough to knock the guy down. Scott having a classic dad moment, explains to her what he does “Jump and tap.”

Later in the movie, when Scott is not there, we see her mulling over the wisdom that her dad had taught her and ultimately making the move her own. Cassie is taking what Scott, Hope, and Hank had taught her and taking it and used that wisdom in her own. We have a lot of people around us in our lives whom we can learn things from, but they might do things slightly differently than how we do. 

In 1st Kings 19, we are introduced to Elisha, the successor to Elijah. We see throughout the story all the things that Elijah taught Elisha until finally, Elijah was taken to heaven, leaving Elisha to keep things moving. Elisha, according to the scriptures, did more miracles than Elijah. He took what Elijah taught him and utilized it to fit with who he was.