This week’s Comm Talk  is a special segment of B’s Views and Reviews where Branson interviews author and comic book creator JS Earls.  Join us as Branson sits down with JS to discuss his experience in the comic industry, influence his faith has had on his works and his upcoming Kickstarter, Pistolfist Revolutionary Warrior.

For More info about JS visit his Facebook page:

For More info about the “Pistolfist Revolutionary Warrior” Kickstarter, check out the Facebook Page: 

Time Stamps: 
1:01 – How Did JS Get Into Comics
10:53 – JS’s Early Spiritual Experiences
18:28 – Shift In His Career
24:37 – Early Days of Pistolfist 
28:24 – Historical Influences of Pistolfist Story
32:38 – Commercial – PGwS
33:54 – What is the Plot of Pistolfist
41:10 – How does JS’s Faith Influence his writing?
49:19 – Working in the Christian Comics Industry
55:40 – Serving Othe Writers
1:02:15 – Should we be thankful for Christian media?
1:05:36 – Process of Rereleasing Pistolfist
1:09:49 – How to Connect with JS

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