Our podcast is coming back! Welcome to part one of our Quarantine edition. In this episode, Celeste talks about our plan moving forward and her opinions on the CBS All Access app.

Timestamps and Summaries

1:15- Explanation of where Dallas is

2:06- Explanation of the Quarantine Podcast Series

4:05-Future plans for CommTalk

4:58- The CBS App, what it is and how we have access to it

6:04- 2 seasons of Discovery in 2 weeks

6:37-Spoiler Alert for Discovery and Picard

6:45- Picard vs. Discovery

7:42- Characters from Discovery

8:14-Content Guide for Discovery

8:47-Thoughts on End of Season 2 of Discovery

9:00- Thoughts on Season 3 of Discovery

9:39-Thoughts on Picard

11:11- Our Suggestions.