This week we continue our Journey through the Superman District by taking a look at 2001’s Smallville. Is this a good series to watch if you’re new to Superman? Is it worth your time? Our opinions may surprise you.

Timestamps and Summaries

2:16 Recap of our journey through the Superman District of Planet Geekery

8:01 Did we like Smallville? Disclaimer – We only watched the first 5 episodes of this series due to the length of the series. Overall, we thought it was a good series, but the age of the actors playing freshmen in High School really threw us off. The question becomes, how badly did it throw us off? Would we want to watch more?

25:00 We take time to speculate what all was on television during the release of this series that made people say, “Wow we want more Smallville.”

28:04 This is the point of the show where we evaluate this rendition of “Superman/Clark Kent”

31:28 – Commercial Break with Retro Rewind Podcast Make sure to go check out their fantastic podcast!

32:06 Our evaluation of Lana Lang…. Normally we evaluate the performance of Lois Lane, but she wasn’t present in the first 5 episodes of Smallville.

35:26 We boil our conversation down to our final question, “Is Smallville worth watching if you’re new to Superman?” We had some good things to say and some negative things to say.

38:29 Announcements


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