This week on Geek Devotions, Celeste using the book “The Warrior Maiden” by Melanie Dickerson, (a retelling of Mulan – Link below to see read our review) to talk about something that many struggles with. Many people struggle to realize that Trusting God… is often the strongest thing you can do.

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As some of you may know we are official book reviewers now, and we post these up on the website. The first book we had the opportunity to review is called the Warrior Maiden, and it is a retelling of the story of Mulan. Now Melanie Dickerson is a Christian author; her faith is pretty out there in her writing. Because of this fact, you can draw many different things from her stories as a believer. This is where we are entering spoilers territory. So there is your warning.


In this story, you see Mulan and Wolfgang fall in love, but throughout the whole storyline, Mulan has difficulty trusting that Wolfgang loves her. She also struggles to understand that his love means that she doesn’t have to take care of everything herself. She is used to taking care of herself, and her mother all on her own due to some emotional hurt her father instilled in her. This is similar to how we can be with Christ.

We can get so used to handling things on our own that we don’t know how to trust in God’s love. As followers of Christ, that is a fundamental thing, and it’s hard! Don’t get me wrong, God wants us to be strong, and not sit on our backsides when things are going on. He wants us to take care of business. However, He wants us to come to Him and rely on Him that even if the situation looks like it can’t be handled, He has a plan and a solution. Alternatively, even if it looks like it is something we can handle, He has a plan and a solution if we will just trust.

In 2nd Chronicles 14:10 we see a King of Israel make a prayer to God that is an excellent example of how we should trust.

“And Asa Cried to the Lord his God,’O Lord, there is none like you to help, between the mighty and the weak. Help us, O Lord our God, for we rely on you, and in your name, we have come against this multitude. O Lord, you are our God; let not man prevail against you.” TLV

King Asa was a king that followed the ways of the Lord, he had enough men to defeat the army before him, but He knew that if he did not trust in God, his power wouldn’t be enough.

So the challenge for the week is this, are you trusting God even on the things you think you can handle yourself?

The question of the Week: What is one of your favorite retellings of a classic fairytale OR classic story?