For this week’s episode of Geek Devotions, Celeste takes a look at the newest DCEU movie, Aquaman! A surprising theme arises in this film, the need to be Humble. But what’s the benefit of being humble?

Today we are talking about The King of Atlanta’s… Who didn’t want to be king?

For those who haven’t seen Aquaman … Spoilers

Throughout the whole movie, we see that Arthur does NOT want to be the King of Atlantis. He wants nothing to do with them because they put his mom to death for having him. Now we know it’s strange to speak of the DCEU’s Aquaman and the concept of humbleness at the same time, but there was a change in Arthur.

In the end, he ends up having to try and get the trident of Atalan, which can only be held by the true king of Atlantis. The Titan creature that was protecting it tells him, who are you to think you are worthy of the trident? Arthur says to the beast, “I’m not worthy to lead, but someone needs to step up. If you think that’s me, then great. If not… fine (paraphrased)”. Arthur’s humbleness ultimately is what got him the crown… Or Trident, will you.

As Christian’s being humble is a concept that is taught often. But the part of humbleness we are talking about today is the end result. Not saying you’re going to be a king, but there is a particular promotion that takes place for those who are genuinely humble.  We as Christians need to remember that we may not be the best and the greatest to accomplish a task.  Yet, if we are humble and willing; God will use us to do His will. There are many scriptures about being humble but the one that we’re going to look at today is James 4:10.

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you.

James 4:10 ESV

It’s our responsibility to keep ourselves humble and through this God will exalt you. We’re not promoting a prosperity gospel here, but there is a level of provision that God has for those who are humble.

The question of the week:

Are you a fan of Aquaman? Movie or otherwise

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  1. We saw Aquaman twice -it’s now one of my fav DC movies (up there with Wonder Woman.) Underwater worlds amazed us with blasts of creative imaging, but Aquaman’s journey to humbly seeking the Trident resonated most. Like the 1st Guardians movie, Aquaman may not have been the best qualified but he cared – and ended up saving the day. Plus, Jason Momoa is seriously AWESOME!

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