When Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created Spider-Man in 1962, they basically took everything that was common about superheroes at the time and turned it upside down.  Instead of a Greek-god-bodied, wealthy, well likeable icon of American dreams and dashingly handsome do-gooding, they made a teenager with common problems, and common worries become endowed with superpowers that modelled a universally feared creature.  The surprising thing was the fan response.  Readers loved it!  And the main reason why is because they felt that the main character was relatable.  Spider-Man’s adventures were almost secondary to the character story arc of Peter Parker, who worries about finances, getting good grades, and asking girls out on dates.

T-MAN CH 01 PG 01DT-Man and HyperStrike, in that same spirit, breaks a similar mold in the superhero genre.  The main characters of this book aren’t recipients of godlike powers, nor are they the results of scientific experiments gone haywire.  Rather, these characters have taken what should be obstacles in their lives and turned them into strengths.  HyperStrike, who has ADHD, is able to focus all of her hyper energy into being a hi-tech superhero.  Her partner, T-Man, draws his strength from the T-Force, a cosmic energy made by all of the people in the world who have Tourette’s.  Both of these superheroes are super, not because of powers, but because of what makes them different from other “normal” people.

T-MAN CH 01 PG 02What I especially like about the story is the message it sends that people with Tourette’s and ADHD can and should be proud of who they are and that the differences are things to be celebrated, not ashamed of.  In fact, embracing those differences and making them strengths can make readers of this book heroes themselves.

T-Man and HyperStrike brings a refreshing change to the oversaturated market of anti-heroes and dark storylines for “mature” audiences.  The superheroes that Fisher Lee have created are positive role models for their readers, and their stories bring a positive message that kids need to hear.  This book comes highly recommended, but it needs your support.  You can help T-Man and HyperStrike become a reality by supporting the book on its Kickstarter page.  You can also check out the Facebook page for updates from the book’s creator, Fisher Lee.

Keep Soaring, and “Tic Loud and Proud!!”