A review of T-Man and HyperStrike

When Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created Spider-Man in 1962, they basically took everything that was common about superheroes at the time and turned it upside down.  Instead of a Greek-god-bodied, wealthy, well likeable icon of American dreams and dashingly handsome do-gooding, they made a teenager with common problems, and common worries become endowed with … Continue reading A review of T-Man and HyperStrike

How to Take Care of Your Comic Books

Today on Extra Tuesday Dallas takes time to walk us through the process of bagging and boarding comic books! We STRONGLY recommend you check out your local comic book shop to pick up the supplies you need. That said if you don't have a local shop then follow the Amazon affiliate links below to get the exact same items Dallas is using in today's episode. Also we will provide links to our favorite comic book shop!