Check out our Road Trip Review of Geek’d Con 2018! Geek’d Con is a fantastic geek convention in Shreveport, LA! If you’re new to our channel, this is the video version of our Podcast Comm Talk. You can find our podcast on your favourite podcatchers like Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Stitcher, and TuneIn Radio!

Geek’d Con 2018 returned to the Shreveport Convention Center with Mick Foley, Chris Sarandon, John Wesley Shipp, Helen Slater, Erik Estrada, Dana Snyder, and more! Along with new guest, there’s some familiar faces amount the vendors. Celeste and Dallas both find a sense of comfort in that fact. It almost creates a sense of family and friends coming together. Geek’d Con is always evolving and always growing to create a sense of professionalism. Even though it is seemingly more professional, there’s still that feeling of it being a great family event. Geek’d Con has really done a great job of creating that environment.

The guests were all a joy to interact with. They were all very friendly and took time to talk with each guest who came up to them. Sometimes at cons, the guests are pushing people through, but the ones who come to Geek’d Con really seem to care about the fans.

Celeste and Dallas got some really great things from this year’s con. Dallas also got a copy of Batman issue 253 which is something he’s been trying to find for the last 10 years! Celeste found a very cute set of earrings featuring Calcifer (Karushifâ) from Howl’s Moving Castle.

For Dallas’ birthday, his sister gave him a copy of the actual book, The Princess Bride. As a result, they got Chris Sarandon to sign the book. Their new lifelong goal is to get as many cast members to sign the book as possible. They also got a great Black Panther print done by inker and cover artist Roland Paris. Finally, they also got a great Godzilla poster from our friends over at Game Warriors: Gaming for a Cause.

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