This week’s episode of our podcast, Comm Talk by Geek Devotions, our Impossibility Drive brings Consuming Fire Gaming to our comms! This week we talk about navigating the gaming culture and family. How do you decide what to play and not to play? How do you make the right decisions for your family? You can listen to this podcast by clicking play on the video below or search for “Comm Talk by Geek Devotions” on Apple Podcast, Google Play, TuneIn Radio, or Stitcher.

Time Stamps

2:43 What is Consuming Fire Gaming
10:11 What was your earliest Video Games
18:52 What was your most frustrating Video Game
29:40 Most replayable Video Game
38:33 Commercial- Social Media Marketing and Training – If you’re in need of help setting up your online presence for your business or ministry please contact Dallas at
39:40 Navigating Gaming Culture and Family

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