This week in our Morning Geek Commute we talk about the Doctor Doom Movie, Ben Affleck’s desire to be Batman, Social Media Policy changes in the United Arab Emirates, and we discuss director’s cuts of movies. If you enjoy this kind of content leave a big thumbs up and leave a comment letting us know your thoughts!

Doctor Doom Movie

According to multiple sources, Noah Hawley has completed the script for the 20th Century Fox Doctor Doom movie. There were rumors originally that the project would be completely scratched in light of the Disney buy out, however, Noah and team plan to charge ahead until things are official. Little is known about this particular film but if the writing is anywhere as good as Noah’s Legion on FX… then it’s sure to be a fun ride.

What are your thoughts on the prospect of a Doctor Doom movie? Can we put our hope in Noah to bring a great film or will what appears to be the “Fox Curse” bring another Marvel tragedy?

Ben Affleck Plays Batman

Rumors are circulating the web that Ben Affleck still desires to play Batman in the upcoming Batman solo film. He’d already confirmed that was trying to find his way out the bat-suit, but with this new rumor going around… is he having second thoughts? Ben’s version as everyone’s favorite Dark Knight has been polarizing at best, as much of the DCEU has been, but should we give him another shot? For us, at Geek Devotions we think so. Dallas and Celeste both enjoyed the infamous Batman v Superman film, as long as you’re talking about the Director’s cut, and have grace for Justice League due to abrupt but understandable director change.

Do you think Affleck can pull raise the bar for the Dark Knight? Is it time for Bat-fleck to have his own Dark Knight Returns?

Social Media in United Arab Emirates

If you’re unfamiliar with the UAE, they have a very strict rule of law that is also a code of morals. Due to this, the government has their hand in a little bit of everything to keep a certain standard across the board, and this does not exclude Social Media Influencers.

While not applying to personal websites and bloggers, it does affect social media influencers who run any online business activities, including e-commerce, publishing and selling of print, video and audio material. These will be required to get a a licenses from the National Media Council to continue to do business. Those who aquire said licenese will be allowed to continue doing what they’ve already been doing but will be required to maintain a certain mode of conduct.

How do you think this will affect influencers in the UAE? What do you think would happen if your local government attempted to install a similar legistation?

Question of the Day

As stated earlier, Dallas and Celeste are fans of the the director’s cut of Batman V Superman. They are prefer the director’s cut of most films such as Aeon Flux, Days of Future Past The Rogue Cut, and Blde Runner (Final Cut).  What are your thoughts on Director’s Cuts? Are they worth their time? Do you find them to be better most times too?