For this month’s series in our Summer Serial Event, we are looking at the Jurassic Park Franchise! This week Dallas and Celeste talk about the very first Jurassic Park from 1993 and reflect on the impact that we all have on others.

The question of the week: What’s your favorite Dinosaur!

The essential focus of this particular episode of Geek Devotions is simple… What you do in life, what you say, how you say it, everything, has a lasting impact on the people around you.

Throughout all of the scriptures, we see a level of cause and effect. The actions of one man led to the jealousy in a group of brothers who ended up selling their brother into slavery. That brother had a hard life but worked hard, stayed faithful to God, and ended up in one of the highest levels of authority. Later he ended up saving a nation and even his brothers who sold him into slavery.

At the end of the day these brothers came to the one they sold asking for grace and forgiveness. He did something amazing, he forgave them. He rightly pointed out that the evil that was done to him, God used to bring hope to others. This story found in the last half of the book of Genesis was an absolutely crazy story but it’s a beautiful ending and an amazing set up for the many other things put into action.

We have to make choice as to what kind of actions we will put into play and what role we will play in the plan of God. We can end up being like Joseph and be faithful to the Lord and take actions that affect the world in positive ways, or do things that wrong and hurt others.