Welcome to the final Extra Tuesday episode of Anime April! Today, THP School of Ministry Students Sarah and Summer take a look at “Slice of Life” anime. What do they recommend for kids, teens, and adults? Check it out and find out! Also, if you have any recommendations leave a comment down below!

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What is Slice of Life?

The slice of life category of story is a story that portrays a “cut-out” sequence of events in a character’s life. It may or may not contain any plot progress and little character development, and often has no exposition, conflict, or dénouement, with an open ending.


Chi's Sweet HomeSarah and Summer really recommend “Chi’s Sweet Home” for kids. It’s an adorable anime about a small cat discovering his place in the world with his family. Sarah believes that it’s simply so adorable and so well done that even if your kid can’t read just yet, they will still enjoy this series

IMDB Description: The story follows a cute little cat named Chi and her fun family friendly adventures.


Gochūmon_wa_Usagi_Desu_ka__volume_1_coverSarah and Summer think teenagers may really enjoy a series called “Is the Order a Rabbit?” They believe it to be a great series that follows a group of young ladies as they go through high school, run a rabbit café, and simply do life together.

Wiki Description: In a fictional town inspired mainly by the real life location of Colmar, France, Cocoa Hoto enters the cafe Rabbit House, assuming there are rabbits to be cuddled. What Cocoa actually finds is her high school boarding house, staffed by the owner’s daughter, Chino Kafuu, a small, precocious, and somewhat shy girl with an angora rabbit on her head. She quickly befriends Chino with the full intention of becoming like her older sister, much to Chino’s annoyance. From there she will experience her new life and befriend many others, including the military-influenced, yet feminine Rize Tedeza, the playful Chiya Ujimatsu who goes at her own pace, and the impoverished Syaro Kirima who commands an air of nobility and admiration despite her background. Slowly, through slices of life, often comedic, Cocoa becomes irreplaceable in her new friends’ lives, with Chino at the forefront.


Kino's JourneyFor our adults, Sarah and Summer really believe that adults may enjoy the series Kino’s Journey. The ever changing landscape of the series followed with the mystery of Kino’s purpose lends itself to being a great series that is sure to hold the attention of adults.

IMDB Description: Young world-weary sharpshooter girl Kino and her talking inquisitive motorcycle Hermes travel around her unusual world, visiting various city-states for three days each to learn about their culture, history and ruling philosophy.

What did you think of these series? What Slice of Life anime would you recommend for kids, Teens, and adults? Leave some comments and let us know!