Countdown to Season 5: What is the Point of a Second Chance?

In leading up to the beginning of season 5 we are doing a countdown of our first episodes from the past 4 seasons, while allowing for Dallas and Celeste to take a break from Friday Devotions to plan for season 5. This week we take a look at the Retro Episode Season 2 Episode 1: "What is the point in a second chance?" Originally Aired August 4th 2017. Please forgive our audio and overall video quality as this was our beginning and we have grown greatly since then.

Sequel Month: Terminator 2 … Second Chances

Welcome to Season 2 of Geek Devotions! To kick off our second season we have declared August to be Sequel Month!! Every episode of Geek Devotions will involve some sort of sequel. This week Dallas takes a look at Terminator 2 and how it's actually a really pretty interesting example of 2nd chances. So grab … Continue reading Sequel Month: Terminator 2 … Second Chances