You Need To Work With Others | Pacific Rim Devotional | Mechmas

In 2013 we were introduced to the world of Pacific Rim. Giant Robots versus Giant Robots... can't go wrong with that. But this movie came with something more than just Kaiju Vs Mechs. It came with discussion of Drifting... Why is it important for us to trust others? Why is it important for us to work with others? Join us as Celeste explores these ideas.

How Christians Should Deal with People with a Troubled Past | Pacific Rim Black Devotional

In life, we may find ourselves in a situation where we have to work with individuals and there are two situations to take place. There are those that you have to work with that maybe have a past that is a little sketchy at the same time perhaps you're the person with a bit of a sketchy past. How do we deal with that and what does that look like? Today on Geek Devotions we're going to talk about that and Pacific Rim Black!