Is Internet Ministry Viable?

Is digital ministry the end-all? No, not at all. We need face-to-face contact with people. We need to be able to shake a person’s hand, hug them and look them in the eyes. I don’t know anyone who does digital ministry who denies that or acts like those things aren’t necessary. But just because the ministry that God has called them to looks different than yours or operates in a way that you don’t understand doesn’t mean that it’s less than yours.

How to Minister Wherever You Are

As a follower of Jesus, we must live our lives in a way that reflects the effect of Christ’s supremacy in our lives. The best way of doing this is to do the very best we can in whatever situation we are in. The purpose of doing this not just so that we can carry the title of “Christian” but so that we can be an example of those around us who do not know Christ.