Gino F. Manacci: A Portrait of Servitude

Michael J ManacciWriter Although it is almost universally accepted all over Christianity, the idea of service seems to exist in one form or another in our faith. Throughout the four gospels, Jesus of Nazareth taught not only the importance of service but also how this very simple yet profound hallmark of our faith can result … Continue reading Gino F. Manacci: A Portrait of Servitude

An Open Letter to the Wall Crawler | by Michael J. Manacci 

The comics, cartoons, and movies of Spider-Man have a magical effect on readers and viewers. They invite all who partake to be part of a particular demographic, one issue, one episode, one film at a time. That demographic is; New Yorkers. This is a special article that one of our writers came up with. It’s an open letter in the “Daily Bugle” found in the world of Spider-Man from a “New Yorker”… we hope that you find these thoughts interesting.