CommTalk | Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom Comic Review | BVR | 125

It's time again for another segment of B's Views and Reviews where Branson shares with you amazing Devoted Geeks his views on some family friendly and Faith Based comics. This week, while not faith-based, Branson is bringing you a family friendly Lovecraftian fiction comic called "Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom" Does Branson like this book? Is it something your family may enjoy? Check out Branson's reviews!

Christianity and Lovecraft: The dangers of time, context, and a dark imagination by John Harju

Lovecraftian Fiction is an interesting genre of fiction involving interdimensional beings, questions of the unknown, and discussion on what it's like to live with no hope. This genre fascinates many, but the creator of this genre had many inappropriate views. How should modern readers and especially Christians navigate this genre? Check out this article where John Harju walks us through this very topic.